Digital Media Alliance Florida is a non-profit industry association connecting Florida’s Digital Media, Arts and Entertainment companies, institutions and industry professionals, and providing for the continuing growth, development and worldwide recognition of Florida’s Digital Media, Arts and Entertainment industry.

Wikipedia’s definition of digital media: Florida’s digital media industry association, Digital Media Alliance Florida, defines digital media as “the creative convergence of digital arts, science, technology and business for human expression, communication, social interaction and education”


Its objectives are to:
  • Facilitate collaboration and partnerships between the Industry and governmental, military, educational, creative and financial organizations and professionals, to strengthen the Industry and its partners for global competition;
  • Help ensure the availability of a world-class workforce, resources, capital and incentives to strengthen the Industry, creating a supportive environment for entrepreneurial companies to start and grow, and for existing digital media and interactive entertainment companies to compete, grow and flourish;
  • Facilitate on-going dialogue on issues, priorities and topics of interest, to and between all facets of the Industry;
  • Create and present seminars, conferences, symposia, job fairs, trade shows, networking events, programs and meetings, as well as related educational, training and research materials, for parties engaged or interested in the Industry;
  • Be a unifying force to help develop cooperative relationships with and between other related industry forums and associations for the benefit of the Industry;
  • Be an advocate for, and lobby, local, state and national governments on behalf of the Industry; and
  • Develop and present knowledge about the Industry locally, nationally and internationally, and collect and disseminate information about national and world-wide developments of importance to the Industry.

Both Florida’s established and emerging digital media businesses face increasingly fierce competition from companies benefiting from other states’ very aggressive project-based financial incentives. These tax credits have been enacted and marketed by many of the same states and countries that have lured away Florida’s film and television industry as they race to build market share in this double-digit growth market2. And more states are joining them daily.

“Entire countries, not to mention other states and even major cities, have been tuning their digital media engines since before 2003, offering increasingly aggressive financial/tax incentives to fuel industry growth, says Jud French, DMAF President.


Digital Media Alliance Florida works together with the digital media communities to develop, grow and promote the digital media and interactive entertainment industry throughout the State of Florida.

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